Live Chat & Talks

Live Chat on Youtube

You can attend and watch ANdy’s Non-Duality live chats on Youtube.

Every live chat has its own link.
You find dates and links of upcoming Live Chats on the SCHEDULE site.

Best would be to subscribe to ANdy’s youtube channel via THIS LINK, so you don’t miss a live chat. The upcoming live chats are shown to the subscribers of the channel.
Also push the bell button next to the subscirbe button, this helps to not miss a video of the channel.

Questions you want to have answered in the Live Chat, can be sent to ANdy in three ways:

  • e-mail them to:,
  • ask them via the contact form,
  • To ask ANdy live during the live chat, you need a GOOGLE ACCOUNT.

The chat is only active during the live chat.
ANdy is always happy about a donation for the chat.


One-on-One sessions

ANdy is available for one to one sessions via skype or a personal meeting in Berlin.

Both is only possible for a donation.
If you want a skype session, contact ANdy, settle the date with him and then he will ask you to donate before said date.

Skype sessions run approximately 1 hour.
The donation needed  for a skype session is 15 €.
The one needed for a private one on one session in Berlin is 20 €.

Please contact me via email for more information: Or you can use the contact formular to ask for an appointment.


Non-Duality Talks in Berlin

Right now ANdy doesn’t give regular Talks in Berlin. Only if asked for.


Non-Duality Talks outside of Berlin & Other Events

No news at the moment.
ANdy loves to get invitations to give a talk somewhere else.
Just write an e-mail to: