What is Non-Duality?

Non-Duality means „Not Two“.
Life doesn’t consist of seperate objects, it just appears that way.

The separate individual self is nothing more than an appearance.
When it appears to fall away life is seen as boundless and complete.

What you have always looked for is what is looking. Or in other words, it IS the looking.
It is everything, including the feeling of being a seperate person.
But the sense of feeling seperate is what makes it impossible to get this.

The sense of being a person,  seperate from the world also comes with a sense of lack.
No matter where you seem to arrive, it never feels ultimately complete and fullfilling.

There is nowhere to get to,
no ultimate goal,
no final arrival,
only THIS.

You can never not be this, because there is just THIS appearing as „you“.

When the „me“ disappears, all that is left is wholeness.



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