About ANdy

Name: Andreas Hegewald. Born 1980 in germany, currently living in Berlin.

Low self-confidence was the reason for ANdy to read about psychology and later spirituality in his youth.
The Work by Byron Katie was followed by self-inquiry, he read alot of books, saw alot of videos, went to satsangs and nonduality talks and made quite a few so called „spiritual experiences“ until spring 2013, when the I was seen through.
The idea and feeling to be a seperate person was seen as an illusion and all that was left was THIS.

Now this may sound like a path that lead to this, but it became apparent that there is no path that can lead to THIS – that what is left when the I is seen through (by life itself) because it is never not the case.

The wish to improve and optimize the person gradually lost its power and the ordinary turned out to be the extraordinary.

Life creates the most beautiful stories. (And the most horrible ones. XD)